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Date Submitted: Thursday, November 27, 2014

", and are Calverts' three web and email domain names. They differentiate us strongly in the market for communication design and production services, and provide an opening for business-to-business conversations about our co-operative and ethical approach. Value for money? By some distance, the 'best bang-for-bucks' in terms of marketing investment. 

The Marque is available in six colours plus black and white. Another clever flexibility feature is that you can integrate your own slogans with the 'coop' logo - provided they're alignment (rather than 'push' selling) messages. We've chosen 'Working together' because it's about a collaborative approach in business, and also expresses something about Calverts' purpose as a workers' co-operative. In the future, we'll be exploring other slogans that combine commercial and co-op alignment messages.

  Over the last 10 years, co-operative identity has become a more important part of Calverts' marketing mix. We don't push it down peoples' throats, or over explain. We simply say: "Calverts service is 100% professional. Our approach and ethos are 100% co-operative". 

People are open and receptive to this pitch, including the hard-nosed business and branding professionals we work with. That shouldn't be a surprise. 'Co-op' is a powerful and authentic social business brand; the 'coop' Marque and .coop domains are great ways to mobilise this to our individual and collective advantage."


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