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Coops UK
Date Submitted: Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Uniting co-operatives is a crucial element of our work as the national body for co-operatives in the UK. Demonstrating that unity is just as crucial, and pinning our collective co-operative identity to the International Co-operative Marque is key to vocalising what differentiates the sector from other types of business model. The Marque is a tangible and highly visible representation of the sector's unique selling points. It's a mark of quality.

It was a privilege, as Chair of the ICA Communications Committee, to play a role in the development of the Marque, which was designed by Co-operatives UK member Calverts. Since its creation, we've also welcomed the excellent support and Toolkit from the registrar

We now take pride in supporting and promoting the Marque across a wide range of publications, from The Co-operative Economy 2014: Untold Resilience, to the Co-operative Call to Action 2015, which outlines our key policy asks of the next government.

We underlined that focus during Congress, our flagship annual conference, and Practitioners Forum, our primary professional training event, as well as through member communications and online.

The Marque encapsulates everything Co-operatives UK strives to achieve - to promote, develop and unite co-operative enterprises across the country.

We have embraced the marque in 2014, but the good work will not stop on December 31.

We've ambitious and exciting plans around our use of the Marque and .coop domain. All will be revealed in the new year."

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