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Ontario Cooperative Association
Date Submitted: Monday, December 22, 2014

"The Ontario Co-operative Association is a major spokesperson for the co-operative identity in Ontario. We strongly believe in leveraging all aspects of the ICA's toolkit including the marque, domain name, and other materials, to help promote and strengthen the movement while encouraging others to do the same.

To be an effective spokesperson, you have to practice what you preach, so we adopted the identity early in 2005, and have fully embraced it ever since! It is also used by all the other co-operative provincial associations in Canada, including our apex organization, Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada.


We use the co-operative marque in many of our communications and marketing materials, including print and electronic communications, power-point presentations, event branding, social media, e-mail auto signatures, and other avenues. We also expose the marque to the credit union sector through integrating it into the branding for the Directors' Forum, an annual event for Ontario's credit union system that On Co-op manages.

The ICA's identity and marque allows us to more effectively promote co-operatives across the province. It brands us as a participant and proponent of the global co-operative movement, and allows us to co-brand in conjunction with our existing look and logo. Moreover, the .COOP domain provides us an online presence that is simple and reflective of our organization (i.e.,

In the future, we plan to integrate the marque into al lcommunications including adding it to older materials as they become updated. In 2015, we will begin investigating opportunities to update our website, allowing us to fully integrate the marque into our online presence, once the process is complete.

Given the success of the IYC 2012 logo and word mark, it is clear that a common 'brand'" can help unite us under one cohesive movement. As the leader in promoting and encouraging the co-operative identity in Ontario, On Co-op has made it a priority to lead by example." 

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