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Rabash Web & Design Cooperative
Date Submitted: Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rabash adopted their .coop domain in 2010.  According to Web Strategist Petter Joelson, it "felt natural" and allowed them to focus their identity.  Their domain is used primarily for international marketing.  "I would definitely recommend it to other co-operatives as a quick way to communicate their cooperative status".  Clients often approach them with an interest in their structure and ethics: "We find it easier to talk to people, like NGOs, who recognise the importance of transparency, openness and democratic values. Our clients are often those who appreciate our open and democratic approach."

A recent client of theirs, Coompanion, is a Swedish cooperative union that offers free business advice for those who want to start a business together, and provide resources for them to grow.  There are 25 branches of Coompanion in Sweden, with Rabash working primarily with their local branch in Gothenburg.  In cooperation with Coompanion, Rabash created an online resource for people and cooperatives to connect with each other and find collaborators for projects by posting ads about what they are looking for, or what they can offer to others. was launched in April for the local community and there are ongoing discussions to make it a national database.

"We got a lot of help from Coompanion with paperwork, etc. when we started our company.  And most recently we helped them with promotional material for an event in Gothenburg to promote the International Year of Co-operatives. We really enjoy working with other cooperatives and being able to promote the ideas and values of cooperatives to a wider audience."

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