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South African Youth Co-operative Network
Date Submitted: Monday, December 8, 2014

"The South African Youth Co-operative Network (SAYCON) has made it one of its priorities to make co-operatives the preferred model of business all around South Africa, with more emphasis on the youth. We adopted the .coop domain as part of initiative to promote and grow the co-operative identity. We have used the co-operative marque in different ways; we have placed it on our website and also on our social media such as Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the organization letterhead, business cards and brochures. Our aim in fulfilling our commitment to the co-operative identity in the future is to use the coop marque and .coop domain in more of SAYCON's legal documents, marketing material, promotional items and as well as use it to educate co-operative in South Africa in this distinctive identity.

SAYCON may not be a legally registered co-operative, but our aim is to promote the co-operative business model and at large the co-operative identity to all South Africans. With this it is important for us to show that we operate in a co-operative manner, maintaining democratic governance amongst the members, the volunteers, and the board of SAYCON. In this way, what we communicate to the people and co-operatives will also reflect on our organization as well and it will certainly help people and co-operatives understand and believe that it is indeed possible to have a democratically owned business.

We have received outstanding service from the crew, high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in technical support as well as quick responses to technical enquiries cannot go unrecognized. This is most definitely their strong point! The team has been absolutely superb and we wish that they can keep up the good work."

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