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Cooperative Identity Toolkit

To encourage more organisations to complete their Co-operative Identity we have created a downloadable Toolkit which includes, banners, videos and editorial for you to use in your own communications.  

Find the Toolkit below, it includes:

  • Animated video
  • Editorial and messaging for newsletters and websites:
  • Call to Action from Dame Pauline Green highlighting the importance of a unified co-operative identity
  • a downloadable poster on Co-operative Identity which we are calling '7 Reasons'
  • "How to" video Tutorials
  • multi-lingual banners and rotating banners with key messages linking to
  • where to get COOP Marque branded merchandise and the co-operative flag
  • Marque Guidelines

Toolkit Button

Help your members find the Toolkit. Place this button on your website or newsletter and link it to this page:/co-operative-identity/cooperative-toolkit.


Download the button

Digital Banners

English Static Banners

We have designed several digital banners for use on your website, using a range of taglines in two and three line formats. They are available for download by clicking the link below;


Be proud of your co-operative identity

Tell your members, customers and community that you are Proud to be a co-operative, get the ethical badge that's just for co-ops.  Apply for FREE at


Video message from Dame Pauline Green

Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Co-operative Alliance, describes the importance of developing a global Co-operative Identity and how co-operatives around the world can play their part today.


Editorial and messaging for newsletters and websites

Copy and paste this text as part of your communications messages so that you always have the latest information

Our Co-operative Identity.pdf

Why you should adopt the Co-operative Identity.pdf

Investing in a .coop

Using your .coop name for your website & emails.pdf


Facts and Figures.pdf


Communicator's Guide

This practical guide brings together expert advice and shared experiences from around the world on the importance of showing your co-operative identity. The guide is aimed at marketing and communications staff, and is available in several downloadable formats.

Click here to download the Communicator's guide in various formats.


How to register a .coop domain free for the first year


How to get your email up and running

How to use a .coop as your primary domain name

'7 Reasons' poster 

We're proud of our global Co-operative Identity and have produced a poster showing seven reasons for all co-ops to adopt it.  You can forward the poster to your members or why not print it and give it away at your next event?

    Poster thumbnail

(Click on the image to download the poster)

Multi-lingual banners

We have produced a rotating banner in three sizes in English, French and Spanish for you to use in your own communications.  The banner should be linked to the application website for Co-operative Identity.  This is what you need to do in order to use it:

  1. Select the size and language option from the list of 9 rotating banners below.
  2. Right click on your choice
  3. Click on "Save link as" 
  4. Save to your device
  5. Please link the image to ""





ICA Shop button

The International Co-operative Alliance has an online shop selling the
Co-operative Flag, badges and Tee shirts all promoting the new Co-operative Identity. Add the button to your own website and newsletter so that your members know where they can get their branded merchandise and link it to this page:

ICA Shop

Download the button

Marque Register

We publish a list of organisations that have successfully apply applied to use the new Global Marque every month.  You can see the full list here.

Marque Guidelines

You can access the Guidelines for the new Marque here, but you will need to apply at if you want the files so that you can use them in your own communications.  The guidelines and the files are available in English, French or Spanish.

If you have any questions about Co-operative Identity or using any of the Toolkit please get in touch with:

Finn McCullagh - Customer Services Officer: and we'll be happy to help. 

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