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Cape Town Conference were at Cape Town for the unveiling of the new Co-operative Marque.

The .coop domain has been around for 12 years.  With the unveiling of the International Co-operative Alliance's new Co-operative Marque, co-operatives now have a fully realised global identity with which to communication their co-op difference.

Like the International Fairtrade Certification Mark (now celebrating its 25th anniversary) the new Co-operative Marque has the potential to be synonymous with some rather mighty values and principles.

The announcement of the new Co-operative Marque started off proceedings at the ICA Conference and General Assembly - unveiled by the Alliance's president Dame Pauline Green at the official welcome reception.  Dame Pauline believes the new identity should be used by co-ops to "prove that they are good, sound, co-operative businesses who subscribe and aspire to the principles of the global co-operative movement".

Those principles figured highly on the programme of events.  Workshops on sustainability, community, finance and education were well attended by delegates. attended a communication workshop entitled "Unite the world through the power of a story".  We learnt of the work being done to raise awareness of co-operatives through storytelling.  Gianluca Salvatori, CEO of Euricse, sent out a plea to co-operatives to share their stories with the world.  We encourage you to contact with your co-op story.

Monday lunchtime Mike Beall, President and CEO of the National Cooperative Business Association, presented the DotCoop Global Awards for Co-operative Excellence to the following worthy winners:

Coop Zeno Gandía - Large Co-operative Category

The First Alternative Cooperative - Medium Co-operative Category

Cooperativa Orientación y Securidad C.T.A - Small Co-operative Category

Canadian Co-operative Association - Co-operative Organization Category

On the final day of the Conference, attended a Membership and campaigns Showcase.  A small group of young co-operators shared best practice and had an interesting discussion on engaging members: some large co-operatives don't do enough to encourage new members, whilst small co-operatives often seem exclusive.

It's clear there's a lot be done in the coming Co-operative Decade.  The Global Co-operative Identity aims to unite the sense of identity in co-operatives, whilst demonstrating their co-operative difference to the world at large.

We have this Decade to make the Marque and the .coop domain synonymous with better business.  Apply for the Co-operative Marque and a .coop domain at today.

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