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ICANN reveals new gTLD applications

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced today the applications for new general top-level domain names. Of the 1,903 applications, 84 were community-based. These included .charity, .art, .college, and .farm. 66 geographic name applications and 116 in non-latin scripts were also put forward. Following a period of evaluation, successful domains are set to go live from March 2013.

ICANN's latest top-level domain applications were revealed by its President and CEO, Rod Beckstrom in London today.  The event was streamed live on their website and can be viewed on

A top-level domain, or TLD, is the last part of a domain name.  For example, has domains as its second-level domain and coop as its top-level domain.  Top-level domains were intended to identify the type of owner of the second-level domain name - for example .com for commercial organizations.  Back in 2000 ICANN decided it wanted to add new top-level domains to free up space and give more scope beyond .com.  Today there are 22 gTLDs, including our beloved .coop.  This is the first time in 10 years that ICANN have allowed new applications. 

Rod Beckstrom announced which companies, organizations, start-ups, geographical regions and others, had applied for gTLDs and what those domains are.  Out of the 1,903 applications, 84 were community-based.  These included .charity, .art, .college, and .farm.  66 geographic name applications and 116 in non-latin scripts were also put forward. 

ICANN demanded a non-refundable application fee of $185,000 per name so, not surprisingly, large corporations were well represented.  Amazon for example has applied for 76 names, Google for 101 and Microsoft 11. Surprisingly, there were no applications from Facebook or Twitter.  Anyone with objections to any of the claims are invited to do so within the next seven months.  Icann then aims to make the new domains live in batches of about 500, with the first set going live after March 2013.

Our registry, dotCoop, has been offering an alternative to .com or country gTLDs since 2002. This is done through a system of exclusive sponsorship by which only cooperatives and organizations linked to cooperatives can register a .coop domain name.  

With our new website, and during the International Year of Cooperatives, we are working hard to market the .coop gTLD so that more cooperatives adopt it.  If you are a cooperative and you don't already use a .coop domain name for your online presence, try our domain checker today to become involved in the online cooperative movement.

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