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Our Co-operative Identity

Co-operative identity forms a key pillar of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade. The global Co-operative Marque, launched in 2013, was the first significant change to the visual identity of the movement in almost 100 years. It is a clear signal that co-operative enterprise is professional and contemporary.

One of the strongest messages from across the global sector was that co-ops need a way to define themselves. This was taken up by the ICA's communications committee, chaired by Co-operatives UK's Ed Mayo, and led to the design of the Marque by UK worker co-operative Calverts, with research and support from Barcelona- and Buenos Aires-based Guerrini Design Island. Signature images were developed by The Hague-based BrandOutLoud. This co-operation created the Marque.

Global Co-operative Marque

The global Co-operative Marque is available free to all co-ops, offering greater visibility and strengthening our distinct model of enterprise.

The new visual identity includes:

  • The Marque for your letterhead, emails, homepage, products and packaging, advertising and promotions. It is available in plum (reserved for use by the Alliance), black, red, orange, emerald green, spring green, blue and turquoise.
  • A slogan "co-operative enterprises build a better world" for use alongside the Marque.
  • A range of co-operative messages to use in place of the slogan. There are also instructions on how to create your own slogan.
  • A set of seven signature images for the co-operative values and principles. Each image contains a representation of the interlocking 'o's from the Marque: cityscape, farming, festival, football, formation, living and seascape.

Our .coop identity

The .coop domain is used by thousands of co-ops. Exclusive to bona fide co-operatives, it improves connections between co-ops and members around the world.

The domain and the Marque are the 'clothes that we wear'. By displaying the co-operative identity to customers and contacts, we differentiate ourselves from other forms of business.

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