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Tips: Using the marque

Calverts, the agency that designed the Marque, explains how to make the most of it.

To get the best use from the Coop Marque, follow these easy tips!
  • Appoint a Marque 'champion' in your organisation, with responsibility for making sure everyone uses the Marque correctly, consistently and creatively.
  • Keep the Marque style guide handy, and preferably in a shared access folder, so that you and others can easily check that they are using the Marque in the right way. Give a copy to any external designers who are working with the Marque artwork on your behalf.

'Consider which colour version of the Marque harmonises best with your own visual identity'

  • Consider which colour version of the Marque harmonises best with your own visual identity. Seven colours are available, plus black. Use the Marque at a size which balances well on the page with your own logo.
  • Use .png rather than .jpg versions of the Marque artwork for all screen applications (for instance web pages, email footers, e-newsletters and presentation slides). The .jpg versions can appear 'blotchy'; flat colours work best in .png format.
  • A slogan and six other 'key messages' are available to download and use as part of the Marque. But you can also create your own slogan, provided it's an 'alignment' rather than a 'selling' message, and you follow the guidelines.
  • The 'master' artworks from which all the others are made - including your bespoke version - are in .eps (encapsulated postscript) format. You will need the help of a professional designer, or be able to use design software such as Adobe Creative Suite, to work with the .eps files.

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