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Ontario Co-operative Association


On Co-op has been a big supporter of the global Co-operative Identity since the Marque was launched in 2013 and they were the first organisation to use the Marque signature images in the masthead of their newsletter, and they regularly carry news items about the co-op identity in their monthly newsletter.

The Ontario Co-operative Association (On Co-op) is the hub of information for, and about, Ontario's English-speaking co-operatives and credit unions. It is the trade association and capacity-building organization for Ontario's 1,300+ co-operatives. On Co-op is a co-operative with a membership base of over 60 co-ops, federations and sector stakeholders. When the members of our own members are included, On Co-op represents about 85% of the co-operatives in Ontario.

Marque and signature images on newsletter

Marque on website and facebook

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