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.Coop Pricing

On this page you will find an overview of the registration prices for the .coop domain. If your co-op is based in the UK or in Europe, please click on these links to change your currency: GBP - EURO.

 Years         Price per Year   Total          
 1   US$120.00   US$120.00
 2   US$99.00   US$198.00
 3   US$96.00   US$288.00
 4   US$96.00   US$384.00
 5   US$93.00   US$465.00
 6   US$93.00   US$558.00
 7   US$93.00   US$651.00
 8   US$93.00   US$744.00
 9   US$93.00   US$837.00
 10   US$85.00   US$850.00



We are a .coop registrar and we encourage all cooperatives to register a .coop domain, but we also offer other TLDs. Please go to your regional web store to see which web extensions we are offering.

Why is the .coop domain a good investment?

Prices of the .coop domain are higher than unrestricted domains like .com because the dotCoop Registry has to manually verify the eligibility of all applicants. This is essential to maintain .coop as an exclusive domain for cooperatives. The .coop domain is also a lot smaller than other domains and we prefer a personal approach when working with our customers, which is why we incur higher costs.

By using the .coop domain you are adding marketing value to your web address and you are improving visibility of the co-operative movement. Take a look at the .coop advantages if you want to know more.

If you have questions about the .coop pricing, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

What happens when your domain name expires?

If you happen to let your domain name expire you have 45 days until your domain becomes available for the public. During these 45 days a holding page that indicates your domain expiration will be shown instead of your website. After 45 days, if you have not renewed, your domain will be deleted from your account and it will then become available for registration by any other co-operative organisation.


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