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Why register a .coop domain?

1. Stand out as a cooperative

Why pay for expensive advertising to tell people who you are and what you do, when simply adding .coop to your web and email address instantly tells your customers, members and the millions of people online that you are a different type of business. Don't you think your customers would like to know you are an ethical business with strong values and principles?

2. Choose from a wide range of domain names

You want it? We've (probably) got it. Because only cooperatives can register a .coop domain, there is still a wide selection of names available. Choosing the right domain name is essential to your online marketing and brand development, so you should not have to compromise on your preferred name. Put it to the test on our availability page and you'll see the possibilities you have with .coop.

3. Connect with other cooperatives

Want to show the world that you are part of the global cooperative movement? The site links all active .coop websites, to encourage co-operation and trade between cooperatives around the world. When you start using your .coop domain name your organisation will automatically be added to the worldwide .coop directory, for free!

4. Receive personal service

Because of the smaller, exclusive community served by the .coop domain, we are able to provide a higher level of service than other internet domains. If technical or functional questions arise you will receive personal attention and you will be able to speak to someone directly.


We consider the .coop domain an international structure by which cooperatives can identify each other, find opportunities to cooperate and strengthen the cooperative movement. Find out how we work in our About Us section.

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